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Semaglutide for Weight Loss

If you’re looking to lose weight, the first step you should take is to set realistic goals that can be achieved through healthy eating and exercise changes. However, if you have significant weight to lose and have tried everything you can think of to get it off, your doctor may prescribe semaglutide as part of your treatment plan.

This medication stimulates your body’s release of insulin in order to reduce the amount of sugar in your blood, which in turn allows your body to burn fat more effectively for energy instead of storing it away on your hips and thighs.

What Is Semaglutide?

Semaglutide is a newer injectable drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help obese adults lose weight and keep it off. It is manufactured by Novo Nordisk, which also manufactures Victoza. Semaglutide weight loss works through GLP-1 agonism, or the stimulation of glucagon-like peptide 1 receptors in your intestines. When these receptors are activated, your body experiences a drop in appetite as well as an increase in blood sugar, among other things.

Semaglutide is different from other weight loss treatments out there because of how it is administered and the fact that it is FDA approved. Semaglutide must be injected subcutaneously. It was also found to improve blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes and can help control blood sugar in combination with other diabetes treatment you may be using, like sulfonylurea or insulin.

Semaglutide is not used as an anti-diabetic medicine on its own but rather along with these other drugs to help manage your blood sugar. Because semaglutide works by manipulating your body’s GLP-1 levels, it isn’t able to give you any immediate effects after taking it, meaning that you won’t feel satisfied until a few hours later when its effects start working on your system. This may take some getting used to if you are transitioning off fast-acting diet pills or something similar.

How Does It Work for Weight Loss?

Semaglutide is a new drug in development that targets obesity. It’s a long-acting version of a hormone naturally produced by your pancreas called glucagon-like peptide-1, or GLP-1. When you eat, your stomach and intestines produce GLP-1 and it does two things:

First, it slows down how quickly food leaves your stomach after you eat it, making you feel fuller longer.

Second, it stimulates the production of insulin from your pancreas so that when nutrients from the food enter your bloodstream they can be used to generate energy rather than stored as fat under your skin.

Semaglutide works by stimulating receptors in your digestive tract. These receptors send a message to your brain telling it you’re full, which results in decreased food intake and body fat loss. This is why taking semaglutide as part of an exercise program is often recommended—when working out, you get even more stimulation of these receptors and greater benefits overall.

How Much Weight You’ll Lose

That depends on how much you weigh, to begin with, your medical history, and whether or not you have diabetes.

For example, some people who weigh 200 pounds and take Semaglutide may lose about 20 pounds in a year. Some people who weigh 150 pounds may lose about 16 pounds in a year. If you’re overweight and have no other risk factors (like diabetes), talk to your doctor to see if Semaglutide is right for you. But note that it’s not a magical potion. Semaglutide works in combination with diet, exercise, and other prescription weight-loss medication if needed.

Who Is the Best Candidate To Receive Semaglutide?

Potential side effects may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation. These side effects may be managed and are usually experienced early in the treatment phase, and may decrease over time.

The Skinny Shot

Lipotropic MIC & B12

The driving forces behind weight loss are regular exercise and a balanced diet, but if all of your efforts aren’t producing results you may need additional help.

Rejuvenetix currently offers this help in the form of lipotropic injections, aka the Skinny Shot, metabolic booster that helps to maximize weight loss while increasing your vitamin and mineral intake. The following information can help you start to answer the question:
Are lipotropics right for me?

What Are Lipotropics?

Lipotropic compounds are a combination of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that help metabolize fat in the body. Combined with diet and exercise, lipotropic injections can speed up the process of fat breakdown and enhance your weight loss results.

Lipotropics boost your body’s metabolism and your energy level so you can work out for longer and harder. The injections will help the body target fat deposits, especially in the liver. A lipotropic injection is made up of various nutrients and vitamins that when combined, can enhance liver function, jumpstart the body’s metabolic processes, and target that hard-to-lose fat while promoting lean muscle development and even a better mood and shinier hair.

A majority of lipotropic injections combine three lipotropes that are referred to as “MIC,” a term referencing methionine, inositol, and choline. The combination of these three ingredients will support the body’s removal of toxins and fat and can boost energy levels and metabolism.


Methionine is an essential amino acid that must be supplemented through one’s diet. It plays a role as an antioxidant and supports the breakdown of fat molecules. Methionine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that improves skin elasticity and strengthens hair and nails


Inositol, the “I” in MIC, can boost the immune system and lower cholesterol levels. In some medical studies, inositol has been found to accelerate weight loss and reduce fat


Choline plays an essential role in the liver’s function and can help break down fat buildup by aiding in transporting fat out of the liver. Choline can enhance blood flow and improve one’s memory, mood, and mental control. According to the FDA, most people consume less than the recommended daily allowance for choline. Choline deficiency can cause muscle damage, liver damage, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

The SKINNY SHOTS at Rejuvenetix

Our SKINNY SHOTS contain Lipotropic MIC & B12 (see above). Some lipotropic injections contain other B vitamins as well (such as our Super B Skinny Shot) to aid in weight loss – your injector or the Doctor can discuss which works best for you when beginning your treatment plan.

If you have tried everything to lose weight or want to maintain the weight you are at, lipo injections are a great weight loss supplement that is cost-effective and minimally invasive. Lipotropic injections, although most commonly used for weight loss purposes, have several positive health benefits other than burning fat.

Those who are trying to speed up their metabolism or supplement the nutrients and minerals they are deficient in may also benefit from utilizing lipo injections.

How Often You Will Need an Injection and How Long Your SKINNY SHOTS Will Take to Work

Lipotropic injections are not a one-time solution and most users have to get the injections regularly; however it is different for everyone depending upon your needs.

If the supplemental injections are being used for weight loss purposes, it is most commonly recommended that one take weekly lipotropic injections, as the boosting effects in your body will only last for about a week. However, some clients get them twice a week while others get injected biweekly, monthly or even every couple of months.

Getting The Most Out of Your SKINNY SHOTS

Lipotropic MIC & B12 shots will have the best results when combined with a low-calorie diet and a consistent exercise routine. They are not a replacement for working out, and it is important to remain realistic about your weight loss journey, as lipo injections will not be an easy fix-all solution.

The SKINNY SHOT and the SUPER B SKINNY SHOT can be used alone and may even have fat loss results when used alone, but this is not recommended as it is meant to aid or supplement a weight loss regimen.

Added Benefits of the SKINNY SHOTS

More to benefit from:

  1. It’s less invasive when compared to other weight loss procedures, such as liposuction.

  2. Provides increased energy.

  3. Lipotropic compounds can aid digestion, skin, and nerve health.

  4. It encourages the export of fat and bile from the liver.

  5. A lipotropic injection can balance out uneven hormone levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

More about the SKINNY SHOT!

What Are the Side Effects?

​The most common side effect of lipotropic injections is discomfort, irritation, or redness at the site of injection. Most doctors or professionals will vary the injection site for each session to prevent this.

In addition, although it is rare, some may have an allergic reaction to the injection; this may present as a rash, hives, chest tightness, random and unexplained pain, and swelling of the mouth, throat, or tongue.

If you have an allergic reaction, seek immediate medical care.

Other potential side effects may include nausea, urinary problems, fatigue, constipation, incontinence, and numbness in feet or hands. If you are having an allergic reaction or any of these symptoms worsen or persist, call your doctor as soon as possible.​

  • High intakes of choline are associated with a fishy body odor, vomiting, excessive sweating and salivation, hypotension, and liver toxicity. The NIH has established an upper-limit for choline at 3,500 mg (NIH, 2020).

  • Methionine may cause mild side-effects including nausea and vomiting, drowsiness and irritability (Sweetman, 2009).

Is the Skinny Shot Safe?

​Lipotropic injections are composed of mostly naturally occurring ingredients, so they are considered a safe supplement to aid your weight loss.

Does It Hurt?

​No. A lipotropic injection is administered quickly using a narrow needle. It is no different than getting a flu shot.

Who Should Not Get the Skinny Shot?

Those with Chronic Liver Disease and Renal Failure, Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy, Megaloblastic anemia, or if you have allergies to any of the ingredients. Not to be used during pregnancy.

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